How Diligent Followup works…

Enter the name and phone number of each potential buyer who’s shown an interest in your home and we’ll follow up with them for you! Each contact will be cataloged under your profile so you can blast messages to all of them at one time with a single click. Don’t let interested buyers miss your important property updates! Service is only $1.99 per month, cancel anytime!

Get feedback easily!


Each time you submit new buyers under your profile, we’ll contact them to get feedback for you; i.e. what they liked about your home, what they didn’t like, whether they’re considering making an offer or not, etc. We’ll email you each response as we get them. Pretty cool, eh?


Notify everyone of changes instantly!

If you lower your price, offer new incentives, or change anything you’d like potential buyers to know about, simply enter that into the “message” section and we’ll blast it out to all the contacts you’ve previously submitted. Awesome!


Losing track of just one prospective buyer could cost you thousands. By uploading them to Diligent Followup’s database, you’ll never lose track of them. If you ever want a copy of the accrued list, simply send us a request to and we’ll email the full list to you.

How we contact your prospects…

Because everyone checks their text messages, we use mobile messaging to send our feedback requests and deliver your messages. In order to comply with mobile marketing laws, however, the recipient must agree to receive texts from us.

We’ve made getting this approval easy. Potential buyers expect to sign in when they visit your property. Simply print our Buyer Sign-in Sheet here, and request that everyone sign in when they visit your home. Easy peezy!

Messages from you to your contacts will say, “Regarding ‘your address:’ ‘your message‘.” So prospective buyers will see something like, “Regarding 1234 Roads Way, Sandy, UT: We’ve lowered our price by $5,000 to $325,000! Are you still interested? Thanks!”

Let Diligent Followup help you stay on top of your buyers today for only $1.99 per month, cancel anytime!

Enter Prospects Now!

This service is currently for homeowner’s use only, not for Realtor use.